AcuSmart gives you the tools you need to eliminate your pain and improve your health.

AcuSmart gives you the tools you need to eliminate your pain and improve your health.

Does Your Health Seem Out of Your Control?

Is Your Health a Mystery Even Your Doctor Can't Solve?

Don't be a victim of an ineffective and uncaring health care system!

Understand Why Health is Lost and How to Regain it!

Take back control of your health and your family's health

AcuSmart gives you to the knowledge and tools to understand and improve your health, without relying on the latest drug or procedure. With AcuSmart You become the specialist in your own health!

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Become a Member & Receive a FREE Electro-Acupuncture Stimulator ($25 Value)

Stimulating your electro-acupuncture points is only part of what you will experience with an AcuSmart membership, but this device makes it easy.  (This offer is only good in the USA) 

Eliminate Infertility
Get Pregnant
Start a Family

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You Care About Your Child...Learn to Care For Your Child

AcuSmart Children's Health Program

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Don't Live another day with Migraines

AcuSmart Migraine Elimination Program

My Doctor told me, "Just buy thicker undergarments."

AcuSmart Incontinence Program

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Dr. Blair B. Masters, DC, FIAMA

AcuSmart was developed by Dr. Blair B. Masters. Dr. Masters is a 3rd Generation Chiropractor and a 3rd Generation Acupuncturist. (He is the 9th chiropractor in the Masters Family) During Dr. Masters’ 35 years of treating patients, he had a very large and successful practice, seeing thousands of people with every kind of health problem you can imagine. But he was continually frustrated by not being able to help more people and the general publics’ lack of understanding about their health and the simple steps they could take to improve it.

AcuSmart applies the principles of acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and emotional health. AcuSmart empowers you to take control of all aspects of the health of you and your family by giving you the knowledge and tools you need.

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Health Problems can be overwhelming

You want to be healthy, but don't know what to do!

And medication only covers up the problem


"If Your Healthy, Your Wealthy"

Yiddish Proverb

Often you don't appreciate your health until it starts to slip away.  Or some don't even recognize they are losing their health until it is too late.  If you are looking for solutions to your health issues and can't seem to make progress, there is hope.  There are so many steps that you can take.  Steps your doctor does not want you to know about.

  • Do you feel like your just a cog in the wheel of a massive health care system that doesn't care about you? 
  • Do you suffer from health problems that don't seem to have an answer?
  • Are you frustrated that your health seems to continue to decline despite following your doctors orders?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you feel that your body has the power to heal itself, but just needs a little help? 

Don't suffer any longer

Proven Outcomes


"My husband and I had tried to get pregnant for over 2 years.  When we started using AcuSmart, that is when things changed.  We think the electro-acupuncture stimulation is what made the difference for us."

Autumn, AR


My child suffered from constipation her whole life.  The doctors just recommended more laxatives. Now I know what was causing her problems, why it happened and how to take care of it on my own.  It is a great feeling to be able to help your child.



Migraines were practically ruining my life.  I missed too much work and it was like I was no longer part of the family.  Prescriptions only helped temporarily.  AcuSmart opened my eyes to the real cause and my health has improve in every way I could imagine.  

Beverly, MO

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Recieve a Free Electro-Acupuncture stimulator when you sign up for any membership

This offer is only available to residents of the USA.  Click the button below.  If you feel AcuSmart is not for you, keep the stimulator as our gift for trying us out.

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